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I bought the Sims 4. After months of proclaiming my hatred for it because of the lacking features, I finally broke down and got it used off Amazon for $39 :XD: ^^; All I gotta say, though, I really fuckin' hate Origin. In the old days, you just pop in your disc, install it, and go. Now you gotta download the game through Origin, which takes FOREVER, and it makes my laptop hot. Meh. X( Why, EA? Why torture us with your third party downloader? :shakefist: Unimportant update is unimportant. XD
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Sorry guys. My requests are currently closed at the moment. I won't accept free requests from strangers anymore. I will only do requests for close friends or gifts for people. I probably won't open more requests for strangers again (mostly because of a couple times where someone requested something from me but they never bothered to fave the picture or say so much as a "thank you" after I worked my ass off on their free request). I'm deep in requests to do already, and I don't want to add more onto the list.

Not only are requests closed because I have a lot to work on already, I have several other reasons as to why I'm not doing requests at this moment:

:bulletpink:SCHOOL. As laid back as my college is, I still have a LOT of assignments to do, and usually when I get home I am too tired to focus on drawing. I need to focus on my school work. I can't be drawing requests willy nilly if I want to get passing grades and do well in school.

:bulletpink:Art block. Even if I'm given a request, since I don't really have much freedom as I do with personal art, I get an art block big time. Art blocks always come to me these days.

:bulletpink:I want to work on my own art. I really rather draw things that come to my mind as personal art rather than be given a prompt or request. My best work is work I come up with spontaneously and doodle at home.

:bulletpink:Sometimes I just don't feel like drawing, ya know? Shocking as that may seem, I really don't want to be glued to a sketchbook and tablet 24/7 working on art. I'm lazy enough with my personal art, and I'm even lazier if it's something I'm asked to draw out of random (unless it's requested by a friend). I'm not always in the mood to draw.

:bulletpink:I have other things I want to do in my spare time. Even if it isn't a very exciting one, I do have a life outside of drawing. Sometimes I want to play the Sims. Sometimes I want to watch movies. Sometimes I want to clean my room, read books, play video games, make crossover videos, go out shopping, etc.

I'm sorry everyone, requests are CLOSED until I get my current requests finished. But even then, I won't do free requests. I'll be open to points commissions eventually, but no requests. Sorry for the inconvenience!
SuiIno: Love Advice by itanatsu-chan
SuiIno: Love Advice
So Suigetsu likes someone (it's Ino, huehue~:heart: ) and Ino finds out he likes a girl, so she goes out of her way to teach him the confidence to confess to the girl. He should just outright say his feelings. She believes it's Karin, and Suigetsu is disgusted at such a thought, and is like "Fuck no!" Ino's quite surprised, but she asks him who it is, and he's all "erm..." :XD: This was fun to draw~


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Hiya <3 I'm April.

RQ - RivaMika 01 by selfmadecannibal
RQ - RivaMika 02 by selfmadecannibal
Armin x Annie by selfmadecannibal
RivaMika Stamp by Karla-E
SnK: Armin x Annie Stamp by Cioccoreto
SNK Armin x Annie Stamp by RoxyOxygen
Ymir x Krista stamp by mariforalltmnteterna
SNK Annie Stamp by RoxyOxygen
SNK Armin Stamp by RoxyOxygen
SuiIno by selfmadecannibal
Stamp - NaruHina Sisters by selfmadecannibal
Stamp - DanniKame by selfmadecannibal
SasuSaku - 01 by selfmadecannibal
GaaKarin - 01 by selfmadecannibal
SakuKarin - 01 by selfmadecannibal
RQ - ItaNatsu by selfmadecannibal
RQ - SaiUsa by selfmadecannibal
ShikaTema Stamp by verauko
sasusaku and naruhina stamp by jack29nightmare
NaruHina Stamp by DemonKaizoku
NaruHina Stamp by Aedai
Hinata love - Stamp by Kaorulov
sasusaku fan by kataimiko
InoSaku Stamp by retoxthefreak
Naruto: SakuKarin Stamp by zwinkyaddicted
Yuri Whore Sakura stamp by itanatsu-chan
KonaSaku stamp by porumbelnegru
InoHina Stamp 2 by DoctorMLoli
NARU: SakuHina by Before-I-Sleep
KakaRin Stamp by SRKAddict
Leeten Stamp by tomato-box
Foamy Stamp by Vain64
Foamy the Squirrel Stamp by britstix
Foamy the Squirrel Stamp by RaspberryChan
I'm Hypnotizing You Stamp by HystericDesigns
Pilzy Stamp by DigitalBabe802
4y-Records Stamp by itanatsu-chan
Foamy the Squirrel Stamp by itanatsu-chan
Germaine Stamp by itanatsu-chan
Elsanna Stamp 01 by DIA-TLOA
Pilz-E Fan Stamp by kuro-stamps

Carrie White fan stamp by itanatsu-chan
Lenore Stamp - FREE by wUzi-chanRagamuffinxLenore by sAkora1
Harry Potter Stamp by Kezzi-RoseHarmony stamp 1 by AcidicSubstanceStamp: Harmione's fan by AlexaYaoiGirlI Ship DG by teenyxtinyxtina
Rock and Rule Stamp by motherofsephyAnyone Want a Beer? Stamp by motherofsephyNo Subtext - Magnam13 by gelphieWicked Fan Stamp by spinningflag
Yurra Stamp by itanatsu-chanTori x Jade Stamp by itanatsu-chan
Coraline Fan Stamp by TheWolfQueenCoraline + Wybie stamp by MetadreamThe Cat Stamp by Wolf-TerrierOther mother stamp by LadyVanDaleGribbleCoraline_IIstamp by CalamityJadeCoraline_Istamp by CalamityJade
Invader Zim :stamp: by ellstar22Invader Zim stamp for Mewshi by IntelligentZombieInvader Zim stamp by pantheon9000Professor Membrane Toast Stamp by MasterGalladeZIM Fan Stamp by kuro-stampsInvader Zim- Gir stamp by Tokis:thumb73713026:Dib Supporter Stamp by MissMuneGAZ stamp by Bloodreign96Stamp: Tak and Gaz Romance by Mint-Berry-Crunch-69DATR stamp by PurplePhoneixStarZagr Support Stamp by RosethethiefZAGR Stamp by PurplePhoneixStar:thumb176927550:El Dorado Scream Stamp by TwilightProwler
sheldon- big bang theory stamp by scribblinI love Big Bang Theory by nekomimipiiThe Big Bang Theory Stamp 2 by Dekaff:thumb104514140:Big Bang Theory by K-i-e-r-iBazinga Stamp 2 by MintyFreakPenny Penny Penny by SantaiIvyI HEART Sheldon Stamp by mulcahyhoward fan stamp by scribblinpenny fan stamp by scribblinThat's My Spot Stamp by iRaccoonRaj fan stamp by scribblinleonard fan stamp by scribblinSheldon...Stamp by gemsile by sheldon-pennyStamp: Sheldon x Penny V.1 by Mint-Berry-Crunch-69SheldonxPenny stamp by Sof-SofPanty and Stocking Stamp by TaezeonPanty and Stocking Stamp by Chidori-RainStocking stamp by Wa-piePanty Stamp by Creative-TorporStocking Stamp by Creative-Torpor Genesis and Evolution. by FellmekkeIt doesn't work like that. by Rebi-ValeskaAnyone Can Be Raped by selfmadecannibalMy oc... by Atlanta-HammyOC Pairings - Stamp by AstanineAnti-Misandry by crazylaura64Stop Denying It by crazylaura64I DUN LIEK UR OPINIONZ by crazylaura64I Do Read Them, Honest! by crazylaura64More Moaning About Feminism... by crazylaura64Excuse you, but no. by World-Hero21I Hate Tumblr Social Justice Stamp by animeninjaNIPPONBisexual Christian (v2) by selfmadecannibalBecause You Can Now Be Punished For Fighting Back by crazylaura64''MY PRONOUNS ARE FAE/PUP/CRAP!'' by crazylaura64CP: Creepypasta Fan Stamp by CioccoretoALL MY FAN RAEG by crazylaura64It's really useless in 1st World countries. by World-Hero21Jeff The Killer [STAMP] by The-MoonShadow

Carrie White Fan Button (Request) by Kyuubi-DemonFox
  • Mood: Apprehensive
  • Drinking: Cherry Pepsi
I bought the Sims 4. After months of proclaiming my hatred for it because of the lacking features, I finally broke down and got it used off Amazon for $39 :XD: ^^; All I gotta say, though, I really fuckin' hate Origin. In the old days, you just pop in your disc, install it, and go. Now you gotta download the game through Origin, which takes FOREVER, and it makes my laptop hot. Meh. X( Why, EA? Why torture us with your third party downloader? :shakefist: Unimportant update is unimportant. XD


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