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I've finally finished with my finals, and I passed all my classes this semester! :la: I'm so happy. :XD: Hopefully I can upload a few more pictures during Christmas break. :) I'll probably still be really lazy...^^; But I'll certainly try. And I plan on making some more videos, too. And since I just got Five Night's at Freddy's the other day, I'll probably be playing that all Chrismtas long. XD Ah well. Just wanted to update!
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  • Listening to: "As the World Falls Down" by David Bowie
  • Reading: Jareth/Sarah fanfiction
  • Watching: The Exorcist
Hey guys. Sorry I haven't uploaded anything in a while. As usual, school is becoming the death of me, and I just haven't been as inspired to draw lately. When I do draw, it comes out all gross and sketchy, and I'm simply just too lazy to finish the stuff that looks decent enough to line and colour. Don't worry, :iconcarriejokerbates::iconmayorfreak2003::icondragonyoukaikanachan:, I'm working on your guys' requests. Just need the motivation to get myself lining and colouring. Lately I've just been doing school work, and I've honestly fallen into periods of deep depression and anxiety that prevent me from concentrating on my art. Even though Naruto's ending made me overjoyed beyond all reason (SasuSaku, NaruHina, and ShikaTema are FINALLY canon! About damn time!), I've still been feeling miserable. I want to upload stuff, but I just can't due to my stupid negative thoughts as of late. I'll be fine. I'll get art done, it'll just take a while.

Anyway, I finally watched the movie Labyrinth yesterday and I LOVED it, and it fueled my obsession of the pairing of Jareth and Sarah even more so now that I've finally seen it, so once I ever get my butt in gear, I'll start drawing some Jareth/Sarah art (as well as some of the other characters too!). And I read the novel Lolita last week, and it's now one of my favourite books, oh my.

Not much an interesting journal, just thought I'd pop in and update you all on why my art has been slow lately. :)

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I bought the Sims 4. After months of proclaiming my hatred for it because of the lacking features, I finally broke down and got it used off Amazon for $39 :XD: ^^; All I gotta say, though, I really fuckin' hate Origin. In the old days, you just pop in your disc, install it, and go. Now you gotta download the game through Origin, which takes FOREVER, and it makes my laptop hot. Meh. X( Why, EA? Why torture us with your third party downloader? :shakefist: Unimportant update is unimportant. XD
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Sorry guys. My requests are currently closed at the moment. I won't accept free requests from strangers anymore. I will only do requests for close friends or gifts for people. I probably won't open more requests for strangers again (mostly because of a couple times where someone requested something from me but they never bothered to fave the picture or say so much as a "thank you" after I worked my ass off on their free request). I'm deep in requests to do already, and I don't want to add more onto the list.

Not only are requests closed because I have a lot to work on already, I have several other reasons as to why I'm not doing requests at this moment:

:bulletpink:SCHOOL. As laid back as my college is, I still have a LOT of assignments to do, and usually when I get home I am too tired to focus on drawing. I need to focus on my school work. I can't be drawing requests willy nilly if I want to get passing grades and do well in school.

:bulletpink:Art block. Even if I'm given a request, since I don't really have much freedom as I do with personal art, I get an art block big time. Art blocks always come to me these days.

:bulletpink:I want to work on my own art. I really rather draw things that come to my mind as personal art rather than be given a prompt or request. My best work is work I come up with spontaneously and doodle at home.

:bulletpink:Sometimes I just don't feel like drawing, ya know? Shocking as that may seem, I really don't want to be glued to a sketchbook and tablet 24/7 working on art. I'm lazy enough with my personal art, and I'm even lazier if it's something I'm asked to draw out of random (unless it's requested by a friend). I'm not always in the mood to draw.

:bulletpink:I have other things I want to do in my spare time. Even if it isn't a very exciting one, I do have a life outside of drawing. Sometimes I want to play the Sims. Sometimes I want to watch movies. Sometimes I want to clean my room, read books, play video games, make crossover videos, go out shopping, etc.

I'm sorry everyone, requests are CLOSED until I get my current requests finished. But even then, I won't do free requests. I'll be open to points commissions eventually, but no requests. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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Changed my username again. I got tired of my old one. I got the name from one of my OC/canon pairings.

Also, I'm working on some more art. I'm just too lazy because of school. >.< I'm also feeling much better since my last journal entry. :)
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  • Eating: Cheetos
  • Drinking: Pepsi of my best of my first friends on this site...:iconlorddarkness0: lost his battle to leukaemia about an hour ago...

It hurts me so much...I wish he was still here...*cries*
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  • Reading: AruAni fanfiction
  • Watching: Kpopp sims 3 hunger games.
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Tagged by :icondragonyoukaikanachan:



1.) Are you a Doctor Who, Supernatural, or a Sherlock fan?

Fuck no. I kinda like supernatural, but doctor who and Sherlock aren't for me. Plus the fans are crazy so I'm staying away from the Wholock. I've tried but I can't get into it. It bores me. Sorry superwholock fans.

2.) Favourite pairing(s) of any show/book/anime/manga?

...if I listed them all, we will be here for years.

3.) What are your opinions of crack-shipping? For, against?

Most of my ships ARE crack, so I'm obviously for it.

4.) If you could crossover any two of your favourite shows/books/anime/manga, what would it be? (Get creative! What would it be like? How would the characters interact?)

Too much detail! XD I guess a crossover between The Evil Dead and Carrie so I can ship Ash x Carrie? XD

5.) Do you read fanfiction? If so, are there any cliches you just cannot stand which are seemingly always present in fanfiction?

Yes. I hate the "tongues battled for dominance" and veeeeery laid back fics. Like, the villain always chills out with the heroine like it's no big deal and they're friends forever and yeah xD and I hate random fics that are so "ZOMG THEY KISSED KAWAIIIIIIIII SUGOI!!!"...and also yaoi fics that overdo the suicide and emo references.

6.) Does a popularity of a show/book/anime/manga ever throw you off watching it, or encourage you to watch it?

Free!, Wholock, Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black, Game of Thrones, and others.

7.) Would you say fanservice is a good or bad thing?

Depends. Panty & Stocking is good. But Rosario + Vampire overdoes it to an annoying point (sorry Jorge). Same for Kill La Kill. Just my opinion, don't kill me.

8.) Not all shows/books/anime/manga are perfect. Has one you liked ever done something that made you hesitant to continue watching it after that point?

Strawberry Panic, although it's mostly my laziness keeping me from continuing. Well that and MLP. It doesn't appeal to me as much anymore.

9.) Character's death that hit you the hardest?

I never cry for characters deaths except for L. And maybe Eren's mom.

10.) Is there a character you love above all others? Who are they and what are they from?

Honestly, I love too many to pick just one.


I don't wanna tag anyone or continue. I'm bad at questions.
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Hey guys. I'm back!

Sorry I haven't been on as much. I've been eaten alive by tumblr. Anyway, just so you know, I AM working on art (I've just been so lazy as usual), especially art for Shingeki no Kyojin with my OTPs~So expect some art from that fandom soon. Also, I've gotten in to a new college (community college where my mom and dad met in the 80s), and I'm actually excited to go there. More than I was for University! And I'm going into the Early Childhood Education field, and I'm lucky because in my first semester I can jump right in and help with the lil ones! I'm so excited!

Oh yeah! Happy Independence Day, too.
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So it's my birthday today. Aw yeah. 19 years old. Gah I'm getting old :XD:

Changed my username...

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 10, 2014, 5:01 PM
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I changed my username now. Finally. I was getting tired of my old one. If you're curious about what my username means:

Kaya--ko: Kayako Saeki from Ju On/The Grudge

Carrie: Carrie White from Carrie

I changed my name to include my two current favourite ladies from my favourite horror movies. So, just wanted to give you a heads up!

I'll be submitting art again soon (hopefully)!

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Sweet I got a premium membership. Thank you whoever did it!
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Hey guys. Still no art from me yet. I've been doing a lot better these past couple of weeks. It's just finals week right now and I'm freaking out over doing last minute essays. Overall, I'm doing much better. I'm redrawing and recolouring all of my old InoHina artwork and it's been taking weeks and I'm not done yet, but hopefully I will be soon. I can't wait to start doing regular fan art again. So...I hope everyone's doing great!
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I finally have time to tell y'all about my trip. My internet for this month is already at 75% and so I brought my laptop to my grandparents' to mooch off their internet. Muahaha.

Anywho, I'll start off with Paris:

Paris, let's just say, is exactly like New York City, but with older apartments and no times square. It was frikkin' chilly for the four days there. And of course it got warm when we left. ._.

The first day, all we pretty much did was see the Louvre. That museum was HUGE. Our tour guide (who was an annoying as hell old lady) told us that if you were to look at every single art piece in the Louvre, it'd take 3 years to go through them all. Holy crap lol.

We *kinda* got to see the Mona Lisa. But everyone wanted a picture and it was so crowded, so I got a crappy picture. But at least I got one! And the Louvre is beautiful!

The second day we went to...I forget see Monet's gardens (in my opinion, Monet wasn't that great an artist...). We rode bikes there and I never felt so tired in my life! We passed by a trailer park full of gypsies though. O.O The kids made kissy noises to all of us. It was weird. The kids were like...three.

Anywho, we went there but for a little while because we had a train to catch. On the way back, my bike was in low gear and uh...^^; I was going downhill with a breeze, and I couldn't brake in time...and hit a metal pole and backflipped onto the concrete. It hurt like HELL! The bike was totaled, I had a maaajor bump on the back of my head, scraped my knee, and had gotten several bruises. And my butt hurt from the seat, so the rest of the day was not fun. The police transported me back to the train station where I waited for about ten minutes for the group to come back. Yeah, not fun. But the train ride back was quick and we had dinner. Luckily, I was allowed to go back to the hotel for the night. I was so grateful I didn't get a concussion. But my leg still has a scrape. It's probably infected, cuz the bone near it hurts when I touch it and it still hasn't healed. Oh well. :shrug:

The third day, we went a lot of places. We went to the Palace of Versailles. It'd been there since Louis XIV (fourteenth, for those nimrods who can't understand Roman numerals.). And there was SOOOO much gold everywhere. Dude, that castle was GORGEOUS! I wanted to live there...0.0 It was even more beautiful than the Louvre! We saw the room and bed where Marie Antoinette gave birth. And that room had a passage to where she escaped when the Parisians came after her. And the courtyard was SO gorgeous. But like...300 years ago it had so much more land, which was hard to believe!

After that, we traveled to Notre Dame cathedral. And let me tell you: I FUCKING LOVE that cathedral! (And NO, it's not because of the Disney movie nor the book by Hugo.)Holy shit, it's the most beautiful place ever! It looked just like the movie on the inside! They had gorgeous stained glass windows and they even had saved a chandelier from when it was first opened. It was huge! Just...oh my god I'm in love with that building! :faint: And the outside was gorgeous! The statues of saints, the doors, just...gaaah everything was an eyegasm! But there were no steps...probably got rid of them when they made streets. :shrug: But oh my god, I'm obsessed with Notre Dame.

The last day was a free day. I stayed in my room all day drawing until dinner. After dinner, we took a boat ride around Paris. It was marvelous. And we saw the Eiffel Tower lit up. :heart:

The next day, we took a like 4 hour train ride to Nimes. That's the Roman city in France. It was warmer, thank God. We got to see a tree that was there since 908 A.D., an old bridge, and the coliseum. It's THE best preserved Roman coliseum in the world. The steps were steep getting up and down, Jeeez! I had to hold on stuff or I woulda fallen. Anyway...we got to the very top row and got a beautiful view of Nimes.

After, we saw some cheesey film in what was once one of the buildings or something. Like a mini-temple. It was gorgeous. I LOVE Roman architecture. Then we went to an ancient park. It was beautiful.

We got an old hotel that night, and I had *the* best room out of everyone in the group. It was across the courtyard. It was pretty big, and it had a GIANT balcony outside. You could open the doors and go on to the balcony that was shared with three more rooms, and go down the stairs into the lobby. It was wonderful!

Then, we took a four or five hour bus drive to Barcelona. Barcelona, sad to say, was better than Paris. It was warmer! And prettier...kinda. (Sad thing is, Ohio is hotter than Barcelona was.)

Barcelona...meh, can't recall much. Like, it was indescribable. :) I loved it, though. But I DO remember on the first night, we were somewhere and I saw a bunch of gay couples who just got married. It warmed my heart :heart: JAKE! WE MUST WED IN BARCELONA!!!!

I've been back from my trip 3 weeks from yesterday. So glad to be home, but I fuckin' miss Europe. Especially the metro lol.

But now, I'm coming up with a cold, so I'm not feeling great. And I'm almost tempted to give up on Korra. Korra's okay, but...I prefer the original Avatar cast. :shrug:

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I'm finally back. Over 12 hours riding a plane. :faint: I'll post more details later. I'm just pooped out right now.

Meme'd by Georgia XD

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 31, 2011, 9:38 AM
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Tagged by :icondragonyoukaikanachan: :XD:

1.) Do you know...about the bird?
*starts singing "Surfing Bird" while doing the dance XD*
2.) Was the first question a dumb question?
Naw. It was silly, though. :>
3.) Do you believe in love?
4.) Do you want to have kids some day?
Not sure yet.
5.) How do you handle difficult situations?
I just push it to the back of my head and move on.
6.) What is your favourite flower/plant?
Red and black roses
7.) Since this is an art website, what type of art is your favourite? (E.G Stamps, Surreal, Traditional, Digital)
8.) What one thing do you treasure most? (E.G emotion, friendship, an object)
Too many things.
9.) Favourite genre/s of music?
Anything and everything before the 90s. CLASSIC Country, classical music, pop, 80s
10.) Do you ever sing in the shower?
When I'm home alone. XD
11.) As a child, did you ever have that one toy you loved the most?
Who hasn't?

I tag no one. Muahaha

Purple CSS

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Merry Christmas! I hope yours was good.

This was the best Xmas ever!

I got:

:bulletpink:seasons 2-4 of The Big Bang Theory
:bulletpink:Varekai soundtrack
:bulletpink:Matilda on DVD
:bulletpink:A 32GB iPod touch

I'm so happy. >w<
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If you are wondering why I am not in school right now, it is because the main water pipe at my school broke last night, so they had to cancel school. I can see why. We don't want teenagers running around with cooties on their hands!!! D8

Anyway, last night was the best night EVA!!!! :D I had my first Kuroshitsuji dream!!!!! :w00t: And it was a somewhat long one, too!!!!

The first dream was a moment between Ciel and Sebastian. I forget the whole dialogue, but I think it went something like this:

Ciel: Why don't you love her?
Sebastian: Because I do not love her, my Lord.
Ciel: Well, is there someone you do love?
Sebastian: Yes, it's...
Ciel: Who is it? I want you to tell me, Sebastian!!!
Ciel: 0_0!!!! *blushes*

Hee hee! Me and my yaoi fantasies. :XD: I know, the couple is a bit pedophillic, and the fact that Sebastian is like, a Devil and all, but I actually like Ciel/Sebastian! ^w^ Buuuuut, I love Grell/Sebastian more.

The second part of the dream happened later on in the dream, and I was involved in it. Whatever the reason, there was a fancy party. And one of the places in the house was MY dining room!!! You know, it was one of those dreams where you knew where exactly you were in the DREAM, and when you wake up you're like, "where was this place again?" know, you're somewhere you've never been before, and yet you find yourself in your own house as well?'s hard to explain it! ^^; And so then, later on in the dream, I my bathroom looking in the mirror, and I peeked out the door, and found Jiraiya and Naruto (PRE-Shippuuden) sitting at my dining room table doing something...I forgot what it was...and they were obviously drunk. I was like, "wtf are Jiraiya and Naruto doing here???"

So then, Sebastian comes up to me with I believe....three wines. We talked for a little while.

Sebastian: May I interest you in some wine, ma'am?
Me: Weelll....I'm not into drinking....
Sebastian: You don't have to drink it all, you can just take a small sip of the wine.
Me: Okay....
Sebastian: Try all three, and tell me what you think. *leaves*

I tried the biggest glass first, and it looked like Mouth wash! :XD: I tried it, and was like, "EWWWWW!!!" Because it was so gross. But the funny thing is, I felt Sebastian smiling on the other side of the door, so I just gulped the rest of the green wine down to get it over with. Then I had the other two, and Sebastian thanked me. I woke up after that.

Best. Dream. Eva!!! :D I hope I get Grell in my next one! :meow:

But I'm on episode 18 right now, and loving it! :D

I LURVE KUROSHITSUJI!!!!! :iconbigheartplz:
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Oh my god, I have watched several more episodes of Kuroshitsuji, and Grell is STILL my #1 favorite character! w@ I am a fangirl of Grell...but not super fangirl who wants to date him and have his babies!

I really really really reeeallly wanna do the Grell Sutcliff meme, but there are a few problems. For one, I suck at meme' takes me too damn long. And second, Grell is HARD to DRAW!!!! D8 Plus, it asks for drawing Undertaker and Will, and I have NO idea how to draw them! LAWL! :B

I freakin' LURVE Grell! He's cute, hot, psycho, gay, girly...aaaand the list goes on! :XD:

I mean, I know the anime/manga takes place in England in 1888, but I don't care! I can see Grell liking modern things! Come on, it's fandom, and we can make Grell how we want! >:3

Personally, I like him as the Death God. The butler him is klutzy and a cute little nerdy librarian, and as Jack the Ripper, he's too obsessed with teh womenz uterus's!!! D8 (Grammatical errors on purpose!)

If I were to meet Grell in real life, I'd have a fangirl spazz attack. Again, NOT the kind of fangirl who wants his babies! And I would make him plenty of art with him and Sebastian! :XD:

I find it hilarious though, how he dresses up like a girl! If he wants to be one so bad, he should have a sex change! ....Wait a minute, they didn't HAVE sex changing surgery back in 1888!!! D: Whoops! XD Ohhh well!

I can say this: I support Grell x Sebastian. Why? Because their relationship is hilarious. Grell wants Sebastian's babies (yes, he even told Sebastian he wanted to be the one to bear his babies), and Sebastian is not interested. Grell is totally in love with Sebastian, Sebastian is somewhat asexual. :XD: So yeah, my favorite couple is Grell x Sebby. But I will admit, some parts of Sebby and Ciel were so...suspenseful, I literally shouted to my computer, "COME ON AND KISS ALREADY!!!!!! 11ONE! ^^;

But seriously, Grell is HILARIOUS! He's a total homo drag queen! I just wanna go up to him and glomp him!!!! x3

So yup! I am another Grell fan girl!!! :D